Technology to compete

Technology to compete

A vital consideration when searching for the right system to support your mortgage business is how it can help you stay ahead of the competition. Outdated, manual processes and inefficiencies have outstayed their welcome in the mortgage industry, but this is changing, and getting an advantage over competitors is fuelling a growth in new technology. Find out how Smartr365 is driving innovation within the market and can help your business stand out here.

Working together to stop mortgage fraud

According to the CIFAS in 2018, there were almost 2,500 cases of mortgage fraud. While fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and bold, so is the mortgage industry in an effort to target and combat the growing concern. Find out here how adopting a more sophisticated tech platform can help protect you and your clients against mortgage fraud.

Grow your client base with ‘Green Mortgages’

Advisers are always looking for the best deals for their clients - location, financial situation, and future circumstances are all crucial considerations when it comes to advising your client on the best deal for them. But what about the environment and the environmental implications of your client’s home? With the popularity of ‘green mortgages’ on the up, it could be time to start seriously considering environmental factors when delivering advice.

Advisers currently have a 77% share of mortgage business – here’s how to protect it

In the battle for new business, advisers need to stay one step ahead of the competition to retain their current market share. A key advantage that brokerages have over high street lenders is their agility in adopting new technology and providing a more tailored service for each individual client’s needs. With some market experts claiming that advisers’ share in the market is likely to fall from 77% to less than 50% in the next decade, it is crucial that brokers find ways to leverage their advantage and protect their market share.

Cloud solutions will help future-proof your business

Lots of modern services are now cloud-based, with the solutions accessed through a web browser – yet this isn’t the case with many mortgage platforms. That’s where Smartr365 is different. For broking businesses of all sizes, the cloud has significant advantages in terms of accessibility, agility, constant evolution, security, and eliminating the need for an in-house IT team. Find out how Smartr365 uses the cloud here.

A great broker is more than just great tech

Technology has vastly improved the homebuying market and changed the adviser’s role within it. Customers are now able to search the products available to them online, which means that advisers need to up their game to stand out in the crowd and prove their worth. Read more about how firms can use technology to stand out here.

The housing market is on the up – what does that mean for you?

With increased political stability and the uncertainty of Brexit fading, the mortgage market is expected to thrive in 2020. If the homebuying market picks up as is forecast by many, mortgage brokers face a busy year ahead. Read more about how Smartr365 can prepare you for the ‘Boris Bounce’ here.

Cutting the compliance burden

Due to strict regulation within the mortgage industry, a large amount of supporting paperwork is necessary for each application that passes through a broker’s hands. As a result, ensuring that your business is compliant can be time and resource consuming, especially for smaller brokerages. Read more about how our technology can help you achieve compliance here.

What’s in store for the mortgage market in 2020?

We saw some great progress in the mortgage market last year, including better data sharing, quicker applications, and strong transaction levels. But the next 12 months are less certain for brokers, with execution-only business back in the frame, robo-advice growing, and a big push for direct business on the way from lenders. Click here to find out what changes are in store, and how you can make sure your business is able to take advantage of the new opportunities which are just around the corner.

Removing the boredom from broking

Most brokers get into the industry through their love of a fast-paced environment and the desire to deliver the best possible deals for their clients. However, repetitive paperwork and confusing spreadsheets mean that broking can sometimes feel more like an administrative role than a client facing career. Using the latest technology can remove the repetitive admin from tasks, however, and put the fun back into the job. Read more about how Smartr365 removes the boredom from broking here.

We’re ISO27001 accredited!

The mortgage process involves an enormous amount of sensitive and confidential information, so it is crucial that brokers ensure they have the best controls in place to protect it. We’re delighted to announce that we have received the ISO27001 information management security certification from the British Standards Institute - read more about what this means for our users and their data here.

Save time and make money

A combination of slow house price growth and historically low lending rates has culminated in a growth in buyers joining the property ladder or looking to remortgage. This presents a great opportunity for advisers, but where can you find the time to do it? Read here about how Smartr365 can give you additional time to source and win new business.

Build vs Buy

To buy or not to buy: that is the question many mortgage advisers ask themselves when thinking about adopting new technology. As the technology revolution has swept through mortgageland, one thing has become unavoidably clear – for advisers to keep up, they need to adopt a sophisticated tech platform. But does that mean you need to invest your precious time and money in building your own, or would buying a one-size-fits-all platform be a better option for your business? Find out why buying is better here.

Remortgages and Retention

Client retention has become an uphill struggle for brokers in recent years. The threat of increasing product transfers, together with the imminent reintroduction of execution only business, will make it difficult for advisers to retain clients. It’s nearly 2020; it’s time to ditch the spreadsheet and see what an end-to-end platform can do for your business.

How to make sure you’re attracting the best talent for your business

Attracting and retaining the right talent is key to the success of any broking firm, and it’s long been a challenge for the mortgage industry. In fact, the number of advisers has shrunk by almost two thirds over the last decade. But, by using technology to simplify your advisers’ role, you can ensure that the best and brightest will pick you over your competition. Find out how here.

How can technology help advisers defend against the threat of product transfers?

Recent statistics have shown that the threat of product transfers is not going away. The number of borrowers choosing to switch their mortgage internally has risen by 7.3% in the past year and advisers need to work to tackle this threat to their business head on. Read how you can use technology to protect your position here.

Everything an adviser needs to know about APIs

One of our main aims at Smartr365 is to drive innovation to increase advisers’ efficiency. We do this by providing a market leading product which uses automation to effectively streamline the mortgage process. Read more about APIs in the mortgage process here.

Customer acquisition: from end-to-end

It’s no secret that the competition for customers in the mortgage market is becoming increasingly fierce. With the rise of online, app based and execution-only business, end-to-end client management is more important than ever to ensure successful client acquisition and retention.

No matter how you operate, we can help you streamline and grow

Many advisers across the country are members of mortgage networks or clubs, and are often expected to use particular software or systems. Smartr365 is committed to integrating any and all software which can enhance your everyday role, so you can keep using systems with which you’re familiar when you become a Smartr365 user. Read how we make Smartr365 work for every adviser here.

Always moving forwards: why you need a mortgage platform that’s always evolving

The mortgage market doesn’t stand still, and neither should your business. To ensure you can rise to the challenges and make the most of the opportunities out there, you need to use a mortgage platform that is always evolving and adding new features that cater for your needs. Read about the benefits of a platform that is always moving forwards here.

Smartr365 launches Good Mortgage Broker’s Guide

The Smartr365 Good Mortgage Broker’s Guide gives you the information you need to successfully implement technology to transform your mortgage business. The guide will show you how technology can streamline every stage of the mortgage process to increase your revenues and profits – found out more here.

Smartr365 extends strategic partnership with Twenty7Tec

Smartr365 has announced an extension to our working relationship with Twenty7Tec. MortgageSource will continue to be our preferred mortgage sourcing solution and we’ll be integrating MortgageApply very soon to further improve our ‘direct to lender application submission’ offering. Find out more about how our enhanced partnership can benefit you here.

Helping advisers stay in touch

With more and more homeowners choosing longer-term remortgage deals, the pressure on every mortgage transaction is higher than ever. The mortgage market is becoming increasingly competitive, with the role of traditional advice at risk of being side-lined. Smartr365 can help you maintain constant and engaged relationships with your clients and give you an edge over the competition – read how here.

Smartr365 to integrate SmartrCriteria

Smartr365 has announced the upcoming integration of Legal & General Mortgage Club’s digital mortgage criteria searching tool, SmartrCriteria. The tool will be available to all brokers using the Smartr365 platform from October – read how our latest integration can help your business here.


There are lots of different technologies out there to help mortgage advisers streamline their business. Each different service comes with its own costs, and making different systems work together can be a headache. With Smartr365’s integrations and native features, you can access everything you need in the same place, and pay less for it. Find out more about the value of Smartr365 here.

Help first-time buyers help themselves with Smartr365

With property prices in many areas still sky-high, the Bank of Mum and Dad is one of the UK’s biggest lenders. The fact is that not every first-time buyer has access to these funds, and need a solution which can still help them take the first step on the housing...

Behind the Scenes at Smartr365

At Smartr365 we’re always working to bring new features to our platform to deliver the best possible experience for our brokers. Recently, we updated our development process and we now follow an extremely efficient approach to feature development. Interested in...

How we help the one-man band

One of the greatest opportunities facing the mortgage industry is using technology to make brokers’ everyday roles easier. However, adopting new systems and embracing change can often be a worry for smaller firms. At Smartr365, we want to help businesses of all sizes...

The FCA mortgage market study – what does it mean for brokers?

In May this year, the FCA released its Mortgage Market Study (MMS), outlining its view of the industry as it stands, and where it would like to see it move in the future. Within the report, several recommendations were made as to changes that could, and possibly...

Meet the team: Stephen Nobes, Head of Network and Club Relationships

We recently announced the appointment of Stephen Nobes as our new Head of Network and Club Relationships, but we thought that you’d like to get to know about him and his role at Smart365. Read all about Stephen and his role here. Smartr365: Hi Stephen – first of all,...

Drowning in paperwork? Reduce your paper weight with SmartrDoc

The volume of paperwork for mortgage applications has soared in the last decade. Collecting and keeping track of the documents involved can be a headache brokers really don’t need. That’s why Smartr365 offers SmartrDoc to comply, collect, organise, store and share all your mortgage documents.

The new 9 to 5: Remote working with Smartr365

Working practices are changing as people increasingly want to work from home or be able to access their emails on the move. Smartr365 lets you work remotely just as easily as you can work at your desk. Check out these five Smartr365 features that keep your business moving when you’re on the move...

Getting your client data right: one year on since GDPR

On the 25th May it will be one year since the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR) came into force in the European Union. Your business likely implemented new processes and systems last year to ensure it’s compliant, but in today’s fast paced environment, it’s time to check that all your client data is being stored securely as intended. Our COO, Robin Parker, looks at protecting client data and GDPR-compliant CRM systems.

Market insight: Proptech in the UK

The UK’s reputation as a technology hub is growing, and Britain has recently been ranked as the most attractive investment destination for the coming year, as well as the third most promising country in the world for technology breakthroughs that have a global impact. The proptech industry is playing a key role in this as technological disruption reaches the UK housing market. Our CTO Rees Watkins takes a look at the UK ‘proptech sector’ and looks at some of the developments that we can expect in the near future, and what they could mean for the mortgage market.

April showers: how Smartr365 can help you through remortgage season

April was likely a busy time of year for your business, as thousands of borrowers came to the end of their fixed rate mortgage deal. They had two options: either remortgage or switch onto their lender’s standard variable rate (SVR). While Easter is usually a quieter time, activity will start ramping up again as we move into summer - and advisers need to secure the best deals for these clients while generating new business at the same time. So, let’s take a look at how Smartr365 can help you during peak remortgage seasons.

Why the fight against friction is good

At Smartr365, we talk about the ‘frictionless mortgage’ a lot – improving the mortgage process through automation and digitalisation is our main objective. But we appreciate that such changes can be scary – it’s human nature to fear the unknown. Our CEO, Conor Murphy, looks at the arguments against the frictionless mortgage and offers his take on them.

Meet the team: Rees Watkins, CTO

The Smartr365 team has decades of combined experience in the mortgage industry. Next up in our Meet the Team series, we introduce Rees Watkins, our Chief Transformation Officer, who told us about his role, the challenges facing the industry, and how we can tackle them.

Open Banking: what impact has it had on the mortgage market?

Open Banking celebrated its first birthday this year. While many expected it to go off with more of bang, the impact of Open Banking appears to have been somewhat muted. But why? Access to real-time financial data has the potential to transform the mortgage journey – not just for customers, but all parties involved in the process. Our CEO, Conor Murphy, looks at its effects so far on the mortgage market.

On Cloud Nine: The five benefits of online cloud storage

Storing confidential documents used to mean a trip to the filing cabinet. But advances in technology have revolutionised the way that businesses can manage their data. Cloud storage solutions allow data to be remotely accessed and stored securely. In our latest ‘Smartr Thinking’ series, we take a look at the five benefits of cloud systems and why this could be a useful solution for your brokerage.

Choosing your CRM solution with care

The business case for having a good customer relationship management (CRM) system is clear. Effective CRM enables brokers to collect, access and use client data more effectively in a post-GDPR world. That means organising and automating tasks to reduce paperwork and time spent on admin as well as driving efforts to improve sales and profitability. CRM is specifically designed to help improve customer relationships – the cornerstone of a broker’s business.

Point A to Z: Why end-to-end matters

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 months, it’s likely you already have processes in place to manage your clients and the mortgage application. To a greater or lesser extent, the technology you use will support these activities. In some cases though, a considerable amount of effort, money and time may have gone into implementing systems which are not very efficient. Smartr365’s Chief Operating Officer Robin Parker explores why end-to-end solutions are increasing in popularity and how they can transform your mortgage business – turning ten hours of admin time into one.

Announcing our MortgageKanban

Yesterday, we launched the newest and most revolutionary feature of the Smartr365 platform to date. We’ve spent many months researching the fastest and easiest way for you to process a mortgage – and this is how our MortgageKanban was created...

What would ‘spark joy’ for mortgage brokers? Lessons from ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’

Barely two months into 2019 and a trend has gripped hold of the nation – ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo, the Japanese ‘tidying up’ consultant, already has a bestselling book and accompanying Netflix series dedicated to helping people remove the unnecessary clutter from their lives. Should brokers also be looking to apply the principles of decluttering to their businesses?

Smartr365 – Boosting Productivity

Brexit may be the burning issue dominating the agenda at the moment. However, a longer standing economic issue which Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has been at pains to address is the slump in UK productivity growth.

Alexa, find me a broker…  How the mortgage market could look in 2029

The last massive shake up of the UK mortgage industry was the financial crash and the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. The mortgage market has changed a lot in the last decade and is now in a very different place to how it was back then - especially in the sense of regulation and compliance. So, what might change in the coming ten years for your business? Click here to read our blog and our CEO Conor Murphy’s thoughts!

Helping advisers stay in touch

With more and more homeowners choosing longer-term remortgage deals, the pressure on every mortgage transaction is higher than ever. The mortgage market is becoming increasingly competitive, with the role of traditional advice at risk of being side-lined. Smartr365 can help you maintain constant and engaged relationships with your clients and give you an edge over the competition – read how here.

Smartr365 to integrate SmartrCriteria

Smartr365 has announced the upcoming integration of Legal & General Mortgage Club’s digital mortgage criteria searching tool, SmartrCriteria. The tool will be available to all brokers using the Smartr365 platform from October – read how our latest integration can help your business here.