On Cloud Nine: The five benefits of online cloud storage

On Cloud Nine: The five benefits of online cloud storage

Storing confidential documents used to mean a trip to the filing cabinet. But advances in technology have revolutionised the way that businesses can manage their data. Cloud storage solutions allow data to be remotely accessed and stored securely. In our latest ‘Smartr Thinking’ series, we take a look at the five benefits of cloud systems and why this could be a useful solution for your brokerage.

Meet the team: Rees Watkins, CTO

The Smartr365 team has decades of combined experience in the mortgage industry. Next up in our Meet the Team series, we introduce Rees Watkins, our Chief Transformation Officer, who told us about his role, the challenges facing the industry, and how we can tackle them.

Open Banking: what impact has it had on the mortgage market?

Open Banking celebrated its first birthday this year. While many expected it to go off with more of bang, the impact of Open Banking appears to have been somewhat muted. But why? Access to real-time financial data has the potential to transform the mortgage journey – not just for customers, but all parties involved in the process. Our CEO, Conor Murphy, looks at its effects so far on the mortgage market.

Point A to Z: Why end-to-end matters

Whether you’ve been in business for 10 years or 10 months, it’s likely you already have processes in place to manage your clients and the mortgage application. To a greater or lesser extent, the technology you use will support these activities. In some cases though, a considerable amount of effort, money and time may have gone into implementing systems which are not very efficient. Smartr365’s Chief Operating Officer Robin Parker explores why end-to-end solutions are increasing in popularity and how they can transform your mortgage business – turning ten hours of admin time into one.

Choosing your CRM solution with care

The business case for having a good customer relationship management (CRM) system is clear. Effective CRM enables brokers to collect, access and use client data more effectively in a post-GDPR world. That means organising and automating tasks to reduce paperwork and time spent on admin as well as driving efforts to improve sales and profitability. CRM is specifically designed to help improve customer relationships – the cornerstone of a broker’s business.

Announcing our MortgageKanban

Yesterday, we launched the newest and most revolutionary feature of the Smartr365 platform to date. We’ve spent many months researching the fastest and easiest way for you to process a mortgage – and this is how our MortgageKanban was created...

Alexa, find me a broker…  How the mortgage market could look in 2029

The last massive shake up of the UK mortgage industry was the financial crash and the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. The mortgage market has changed a lot in the last decade and is now in a very different place to how it was back then - especially in the sense of regulation and compliance. So, what might change in the coming ten years for your business? Click here to read our blog and our CEO Conor Murphy’s thoughts!

What would ‘spark joy’ for mortgage brokers? Lessons from ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo’

Barely two months into 2019 and a trend has gripped hold of the nation – ‘Tidying Up’ with Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo, the Japanese ‘tidying up’ consultant, already has a bestselling book and accompanying Netflix series dedicated to helping people remove the unnecessary clutter from their lives. Should brokers also be looking to apply the principles of decluttering to their businesses?

Smartr365 – Boosting Productivity

Brexit may be the burning issue dominating the agenda at the moment. However, a longer standing economic issue which Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond has been at pains to address is the slump in UK productivity growth.