Everything you need and more to give amazing homebuying experiences.

Out of the box Smartr gives you and your clients an unrivalled mortgage journey. On top of that we’ve partnered with other industry leaders to expand your offering even more!

credit reports

Experian credit reports exclusive to Smartr (£21 per month 6 reports & bundled with 20 open banking pulls) 
Experian integration shown on a phone for Mortgage Broker Software

open banking.

Exclusive to Smartr  (£21 per month 20 open banking pulls & bundled with 6 reports)
Get rid of printing and email attachments for good and give your clients a truly digital mortgage journey! With Experian your clients can instantly send you 12 months of bank statements and a full categorisation of spending! Make mortgages simple for your home buyers and save hours with a full summary of spending!

Protection with
Uinsure GI

(Free - It even earns you money!)
With Uinsure choose how you want to work with GI sales, and help your clients make the best choice. With Smartr’s integration you’re in control of the process - source and advise on products yourself, or automatically refer leads for Uinsure's team to advise for you!
Uinsure integration featured on Mortgage broker CRM
Digidentity intergation featured on a phone for mortgage broker CRM


Exclusive to Smartr (£9.99 paid by clients through the HomeBuyer app)
Digidentity sets the gold standard for ID&V. With a single click from your portal ask your clients to complete a full digital ID&V check with PEPs & Sanctions. The client pays, but one purchase allows them to access all gov.uk services and they can even sign mortgage deeds! Save your clients time, give them an amazing experience and give them value for months to come.


(Free- It also even earns you money!)
Conveyancing can so often be the friction in your sales process. With our E-Conveyancer integration you can get quotes in under a minute from a panel of providers sorted by price, location and rating. If you’re in a real hurry their rapid re-mortgage tool can complete in 24 hours! Their conveyancing journey for clients is fully digital too, so it seamlessly aligns with the advice you give using Smartr. The cherry on the top? You can earn up to £300 each time too!
Smoove integration displayed on webpage for Mortgage advisor software