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To send off automated reminders to clients of upcoming remortgages, you need:
-Mortgage Amount
-Remortgage Date

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Just the property address. To calculate a LTV percentage, also add a mortgage/loan amount.

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SolutionBuilder is viewable within life applications. Enter a life application by filtering by Life on the main applications screen, and then viewing the application. On Application Services, SolutionBuilder will be present rather than sourcing and conveyancing.

CEO/Superuser access provides the following benefits:
-Viewing company-wide leads and statistics
-Ability to add, edit, and remove advisers
-Ability to add, edit, and remove administrators
-Ability to add, edit, and remove introducers
-Ability to add, edit, and remove suitability letters
-Ability to set introducer rates
-Ability to change billing details
-Ability to change system branding.

Individual negotiators can only see their own referrals, where as branch managers can see all referrals from their branch team, and introducer CEOs can see all referrals from their company. They are able to view the status of these leads, and access to introducer reports. They are not able to view details of the client or application, nor can they see your private notes.

Exactly like you do! Using your custom URL (i.e., entering their email will direct them to the login page that you also see. In the same manner, the first time they log in will require them to Sign Up Now and set up a password.

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By default, advisers have a limit of zero for authorising the use of Digidentity and MOGOPlus. To change this, someone with CEO/Superuser access can go into the Settings. From here, moving to General Settings and then hovering over Settings in the new page that loads will show an option to enter Service Limit and Usages. Within here, you can edit individual advisers and the limit of authorisations per month.

Each individual client requires their own email address as their own unique identifier on the system. If you don’t have a second email, you can always add in something temporary which you can later change.

Credentials for MortgageBrain Anywhere and SolutionBuilder are adviser specific. To add or update credentials, a user with CEO/Superuser access needs to go to Settings, and then General Settings to view all adviser information. Edit an adviser’s information, and you will be able to see fields for login credentials. After confirming the update, that adviser will be able to use these integrations.

Twenty7Tec is available within specific applications. View an individual application and navigate to Application Services from the menu. Here you can access sourcing, including Twenty7Tec.

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No this is not a problem. What is initially loaded is a template – text within the symbols prepopulate from Factfind information, such as their name. Clicking Preview will load up the client’s information, as well as your company brands and colours.

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Within an application, click Invite to Factfind, located in the top right of the applicant summary. Enter text into the Subject field and click Send at the bottom.

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Your browser cache is interfering with the login: Occasionally, web browsers store your login status in your browser cache, which can interfere with a later login attempt. You can confirm this by trying to login on another web browser. To remedy this, clear your cache – see here for guides on Windows ( and on Mac (

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Searching for the client in the search bar is the quickest way to find who you are searching for. Otherwise, the likely reasons for missing clients are:
They are hidden by active filters: To clear your filters, click Clear Filters and then Apply Filters.
You may be hiding leads with future follow-up dates: To change this, select More from the filter options, untick Hide leads with a follow-up date in the future, click Select, and then Apply Filters.
Another Adviser may own them: Clients on Smartr365 are owned by an individual adviser. If you don’t have access to view the clients of another adviser, you will not be able to see them.

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