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HomeBuyer is a smart new app brought to you by Smartr365, to help you find customers and grow your business more easily.

Welcome to HomeBuyer

Help your broker network grow for the future
What is HomeBuyer in one sentence?

HomeBuyer is the new app that’s helping brokers across the country find new mortgage customers directly, easily, and efficiently, to grow their businesses for the future.

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So HomeBuyer helps our advisers reach new prospective clients?

Exactly. Hundreds of estate agents and property developers across the UK are channeling prospective property buyers through HomeBuyer as a quick and easy way to find help with their mortgage. By joining HomeBuyer, you can enable your broker network to access all that extra business and help keep them loyal to you.

It’s a valuable extra tool to cut through the usual sales funnel and get closer to prospective customers. And crucially, it then provides brokers with the ability to run a smoother, smarter mortgage application process, with clients providing all their ID and credit information quickly and easily online.

How does HomeBuyer work exactly?
A unique QR code or link
Your brokers generate a unique QR code or link from the HomeBuyer portal. This allows people looking for mortgage advice to connect with them directly from anywhere they see it, with a simple scan using their phone or by clicking on the link. Our links can also be embedded into any NFC technology if you are particularly ahead of the game.  

Display your QR code or link via introducers
They pass the QR code or link to introducers including estate agents, solicitors and property development firms who can display it on all their promotional material. Your brokers can display their QR code or link on all their own promotional materials too.
Customers scan the QR code or click the link
The magic of HomeBuyer is its simplicity. Say a house buyer sees a property they love and wants to know if they can afford it. Their estate agent simply shows them the QR code or link. They scan the code or click on the link and will be instantly connected to your broker network. It’s good for the customer, estate agent, and your broker.
Your broker gets notified
Once the prospect downloads the HomeBuyer app and submits their details, the broker instantly gets a notification. It can also quickly track their introducers generating customer leads for them too.
Need marketing assets? HomeBuyer Hub got you covered.
Five reasons why your broker network should use HomeBuyer:
HomeBuyer makes the application process simpler and easier

When a new client arrives with an adviser via HomeBuyer it's simply a case of getting their mortgage application process started. This is the second big benefit of the platform.

Once connected, a customer can verify their ID and provide your brokers with their credit scores and banking information all online without the usual paperwork and effort. And in a way that is packaged up and ready for the lender.

The client can also monitor their application status themselves rather than relying on the adviser. And after completion, the client can keep an eye on their property valuation and LTV through our home value tools.

Why would an introducer want to use your HomeBuyer QR code or link?

HomeBuyer is a big benefit for introducers like estate agents, solicitors and property firms, and hundreds are using us already as their preferred method of mortgage referral: In 2020 one of our estate agent partners made nearly £½ million from this alone.

It enables them to deliver a better service by providing easy access to their brokers who can provide mortgage support on the spot.
Introducers can track the progress of every customer lead they send across from their own introducer portal, which helps to speed up sales.
Every time they refer someone successfully through HomeBuyer, they get a commission fee.
And HomeBuyer is up and running already?

Yes. HomeBuyer is brought to you by the people behind Smartr365, one of the most respected mortgage and protection platforms around. And it’s already proven in the industry, with several of the major banks and building societies using Smartr365.

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