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Mortgage Brokers

Our fully integrated tools allow you to submit business in minutes not hours.

Advise Quickly and Effectively
With In-Built Sourcing, Smartr Talk video calling features, and Task Automations.
Process & Submit Mortgages Directly
We support direct application and one click DIP, meaning no re-keying!
Cross-sell protection/B&C
Increase cross selling and have direct access to client needs with e-conveyancer, Solution Builder and Uinsure integrations.
Analyse & Grow
We offer access to data lakes and in depth analytics with our Power BI integration.

Smartr365 simplifies the process for everyone with the market’s most powerful digital tools

Mortgage Broker CRM lead generation
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Mortgage Broker CRM advice
Mortgage Broker CRM sourcing
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Lead Generation





Our integrations

Mortgage Broker CRM integrations

Our mortgage broker system features a variety of different integrations, all designed to streamline the mortgage process for everyone involved. Check out some of our extras.

Smartr365 can help you to...

Mortgage Broker CRM Aquire Customers
Helping you get leads using unique QR code campaigns with the HomeBuyer app, and growing your referral network with our Introducer Portal.
Mortgage Broker CRM Nurture Leads
Our Client Portal with document upload and client FactFind makes it easier than ever to engage with clients. Video call clients for free directly from Smartr365 and drive retention with automated property valuations.
Mortgage Broker CRM Advice Platform
Easily record client needs and preferences. Reduce your admin with integrated sourcing, criteria and affordability tools. You can also share KFI/ESIS and research with clients via our online document tools.
Mortgage Broker CRM Apply direct to lender
Apply to lenders with a single click and avoid re-keying forever! Built-in workflows allow you to manage case conversion across entire teams.
Mortgage Broker CRM Cross sell products
Refer internally for increased cross-sell of protection and buildings and contents, and track protection cases with our Kanban and Tasks. Direct access to client needs via shared FactFind with detailed protection needs & objectives.  
Mortgage Broker CRM Retain clients
Retain customers with automated re-mortgage contact and case creation and track your re-mortgage opportunities across a client’s entire portfolio. You can also connect with customers directly via WhatsApp, email or SmartrTalk.
Mortgage Broker CRM Insights
Get business insights with in-app reporting and dynamic dashboards. With PowerBI build beautiful, customised reports from all your business data. You can even connect PowerBI to software such as Sage or Xero!
Mortgage Broker CRM Security
Smartr365 has achieved ISO / IEC 27001 certification and is protected with bank grade security. Prevent any risk to your client’s data by using our secure portal to share and acknowledge documents and information from any device.


The mortgage process made easy for HomeBuyers

Not only can clients connect with you instantly through our automated QR code features, they can also have access to their own designated Client Portal and Digital Fact Find.
We offer automated touchpoints with our HomeTrack integration, meaning clients can stay in touch with you for remortgage opportunities.
Digital Journey
We offer the UK's first completely digital Mortgage journey, With integrations with Experian and Digidentity, clients can submit all of the relevant documentation straight to you.

Give your clients a fully digital journey with HomeBuyer

Straightforward, simple, and powered by Smartr365, HomeBuyer's an app you can trust and one that will transform the way you find, connect to, and give mortgage advice to your customers.
Mortgage Broker Software illustration Image showing phone screen with HomeBuyer app icon, plus Download on Google Play and Apple buttons.

What Exactly is the HomeBuyer app?

HomeBuyer is an app helping brokers find new mortgage customers directly, easily, and efficiently. Connect directly to prospective customers, to give them the advice they need and offer them a smart, digital experience for a speedier, more personalised mortgage process.
With our integrated HomeBuyer Hub, Smartr will even help you automatically generate customised marketing assets to help you drive new leads through to your app!

How does HomeBuyer work?

With HomeBuyer, we’ve made the end-to-end process straightforward and seamless. Let’s see it in action:
One: You generate a QR code or a link from the HomeBuyer portal. This allows people looking for mortgage advice to connect with you and your company directly from anywhere they see it, with a simple scan of the code or click on the link.

Two: You can then pass your QR code or link to introducers including estate agents, solicitors and property developer firms who can display it on all their promotional material. You can display your QR code or link in all your own personalised promotional materials too. That way any customer leads can go directly to you for mortgage help.

Three: The magic of HomeBuyer is its simplicity. Say a house buyer sees a property they love and wants to know if they can afford it. Their estate agent simply shows them your QR code or link. They scan it or click it and you’re connected. It’s good for the customer, the agent and you.

Four: Once the prospect downloads the HomeBuyer app and submits their details, you instantly get a notification.
Mortgage Broker Software Image showing the three steps of the app: Your identity, Credit Score, and Income and Affordability.

What's HomeBuyer like from the client's perspective?

When a new client arrives with you via HomeBuyer you can not only help them find the best mortgage deal, but also get their mortgage application processed quicker.
Once connected, a customer can verify their ID and provide you with credit scores and banking information in a way that is packaged up and ready for the lender.
Your client can also monitor their application and after completion, your client can keep an eye on their property valuation and LTV through our home valuation tools.
Finally, you can stay in contact with your customer, helping them with their re-mortgage needs and keeping them loyal to you.


Introducers have access to a range of integrations too

Pass more leads
With access to the QR code marketing system, even your Introducers can increase leads.
Real time tracking
With our Introducer portal, your Introducers can access real time tracking and receive notifications too.

Community Marketing tools with Homebuyer

With our QR code technology, even your introducers can access our personalised marketing access to increase lead capture and flow.

Overview of our Mortgage Broker software

Introducer, advisor and homebuyer infographic

Hover your mouse over the image to get a closer look!

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Questions? We've got you covered

How much does it cost?

We don’t believe in hidden fees, surprise charges or holding client's hostage! Our prices vary depending on your network affiliation and requirements but around £120 including your sourcing, Experian and Solution Builder is what you can expect.

How do I migrate my data from an old mortgage system?

Data migration with Smartr365 is really simple. From the backend of your platform simply head to 'data import'. Here you can download a CSV sheet to fill with your old information and then upload. Our validation tools will even let you know if there's any errors before you upload!

Do you integrate with any of the lenders?

We currently have industry leading integrations with Barclays, Halifax, TSB, Leeds, Aldermore and Accord. We’ve also got more coming soon!

What sourcing options are available?

We work with Sourcing Brain and Twenty7tec to provide a range of sourcing options. We only work with providers who are cloud based, like Smartr365, to ensure you can get your work done anywhere in the world.

How does Smartr365 support re-mortgaging?

Smartr365 looks at the data fields from your completed mortgages and sets up a series of campaigns to keep clients aware of re-mortgaging opportunities in advance. We also use reports from companies like ‘Hometrack’ to inform your clients and keep retention rates high.

How easy is it to get started with Smartr365?

Smartr365 is designed as a ‘plug and play’ system. We partner with all the technology you’re used to using and blend it together in our platform to make your day-to-day easier than ever. We find most users require only 1 or 2 short training sessions to become experts

Can I connect with my current lead tools?

Using our direct connection to MailChimp, users can connect an endless selection of lead sources to their Smartr365 account. You can also use our App to collect leads using QR codes and NFC/RFID chips.

Do you have a Client Portal?

Smartr365 prides itself on offering your clients the best experience on the market. Not only do we have a client portal designed to increase conversion & retention rates, we also have a reactive FactFind and, in an industry first, an iOS and Android app!

Can I have a trial of the system?

Smartr365 offers such a broad range of benefits and needs to be custom setup for your requirements. Because of this, we find people need a bit of help at first to get going. Because of this, we don’t offer trials, but we can give you a few hours on a guided demo to make sure it’s the system for you!