81% of industry figures believe digital ID would help prevent financial crime, but Smartr365 is already ahead of the curve


With new reports suggesting that the average time taken to sell a property has fallen to its lowest-ever level at just 45 days, how can the industry ensure fraudulent applications are not being rushed through as part of the ‘property boom’? With demand at fever pitch, learn about how Smartr365’s built-in ID verification allows users to feel confident that they are only nurturing worthy leads, here.

While it is fantastic to see the property market continue to flourish, the industry must remain mindful of the heightened risks that come with great demand. Many industry figures believe implementing digital ID verification procedures could provide the boost to security that is needed to prevent an undetected wave of fraudulent applications. A recent survey revealed that this figure now stood at a whopping 81%. 1 in 5 also believed that introducing digital ID verification procedures would lower operational costs.

Smartr365 are ahead of the curve, having announced their exclusive partnership with Digidentity, the mortgage market’s premium digital ID provider, in November. The leading digital ID verification service significantly reduces the risk of manual errors and cuts the time taken to verify an applicant’s identity, putting more valuable time back into users’ diaries. Conor Murphy, our CEO, said “Our commitment to a frictionless, digital process is at the core of what Smartr365 gives brokers, and this exclusive partnership with the industry’s leading digital ID provider is the next step in making the Smartr365 the go-to broker software platform.”

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