Case Study

Apricot Mortgages & Loans Ltd Case Study

Rhianna Smith
March 4, 2021

Case Study

Client name: Rob Ireland

Company name: Apricot Mortgages & Loans Ltd

Apricot case study

Apricot Mortgages & Loans has been an independent mortgage brokerage in South Wales and the West Country for 14 years, and over that time has operated through several financial crises, the Mortgage Market Review, and still holds its position as one of the region’s leading advisory businesses.

Since 2006, much has changed – not only in the way the market operates, but in the way borrowers want to interact with advisers. Until recently, Rob Ireland, Independent Mortgage Adviser at Apricot used the good old-fashioned approach – keeping manual records of client data, case progress, information gathering, and client relationship maintenance. Time for advice was always under pressure.

Rob told us:

“We used to use Excel to keep track of all our client data and activity but last year we lost two first time buyer clients because they didn’t want to go through a paper-based fact find or mortgage application – since then, we’ve been using Smartr365’s end to end mortgage platform.”

This case opened Rob’s eyes to the need to modernise, and to do it quickly – so it turned to Smartr365.

“Smartr365 has allowed us to seamlessly integrate tech into our processes at our own pace. The main change for us has been the introduction of an online process for our clients. Using Smartr365, I can speak to a client and sign them up to the portal within minutes where they can provide the information quickly and concisely, without having to work around each other’s schedules.”

The benefits have been felt in all areas, no matter what the case or the challenge is.

“When it comes to remortgage cases, I used to trawl through my excel sheet each month and reach out to clients coming to the end of their fixed term. The threat of product transfers really increased last year and having an efficient process in place to ensure no opportunity is missed has been vital. We don’t automate the entire conversation but having the means to automatically set up the initial contact point at the end of a client’s fixed term has been invaluable. Once the initial communication has been made, I can pick the conversation back up manually, offering quality advice bespoke to the client’s needs.”

Rob has been using Smartr365 since September 2019 and isn’t looking back.

“On average, I’d estimate the Smartr365 platform saves us 3-4 hours per application. The turnaround times on transferring documents have been reduced to next to nil and there’s no need to comb through excel spreadsheets manually. Since adopting Smartr365, I’ve been able to spend more time offering bespoke advice to complex clients and winning new business – all while finishing on time.”