Beat the burnout: it’s never too late to streamline your mortgage business

A recent study of brokers suggests that mortgage brokers are more likely to be overworked and face burnout as a direct result of the nature of the role. The survey of property professionals found that a third of brokers have taken time off over the last few years due to fatigue or burnout, citing heavy workloads and client engagement as contributing factors.

In such circumstances, introducing mortgage technology platforms such as Smartr365 to your working model will be invaluable to cutting down on time-consuming paperwork and administration, providing much-needed relief to over-stretched and over-worked brokers.

Switching to Smartr365 has never been easier. Designed as a ‘plug and play’ system, we partner with key broker technology, and blend systems together in one seamless platform, making the day-to-day easier than ever. Similarly, migrating your data from your old mortgage system over to Smartr365 is intuitive – simply use the ‘data import’ function on your existing platform to download a CSV sheet, which is uploaded to the Smartr365 portal when completed. Smartr365’s validation tools will even flag any errors in the spreadsheet before it is uploaded!

Brokers looking to revolutionise their working patterns through Smartr365’s technology can also connect with their current lead tools. Through utilising our direct connection to MailChimp, new users can synergise an endless selection of lead sources with their Smartr365 account. For advisors on-the-go, Smartr365’s innovative HomeBuyer app also collects leads utilising QR codes and NFC/RFID chips, offering flexibility and efficiency for burnt-out brokers. Book your demo with Smartr365 today.