Bumper year for remortgaging calls for automated and scheduled client comms

It’s shaping up to be a bumper year for remortgages with £100bn of plans set to mature before year end, according to Accord Mortgages, with peaks in October and December. This is largely due to the pricing of two- and five-year fixed-rate mortgages being very similar back in 2017, which led many to opt for the longer deal. The Financial Times reports that as many as 1.3m mortgages could expire this year, followed by 1.8m in 2023.

At Smartr365, we take the heavy lifting with client liaison – automatically emailing applicants as soon as their mortgage has been completed.  

Check out our video on automated engagement here

Applicants then receive automatic quarterly updates on their property value via Hometrack, and an automated touchpoint four months prior to the end of their product term. Of course, homeowners can also access their client portal whenever necessary to check for progress in between scheduled updates.

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