The Mortgage Industry

Business continuity through the second lockdown

Rhianna Smith
March 4, 2021

How the second lockdown will impact your business is based on how you reacted to the first lockdown. The conversation has changed, it’s no longer “how do we get through this”, but now focuses on “long term planning”. The second lockdown is a clear signal that we are not going back to how it was before, and brokers who are waiting to return to pre-March ways of working will be waiting for a very long time.

Regular face to face meetings and clients stopping by to drop off documents are things of the past. As brokers, we need to ensure we have the technology to ensure service levels continue to work at pre-March levels even while working in a totally different environment.

So how can Smartr365 help you for long term planning for our new way of working?

Accelerated innovation The acceptance of automated valuation models and remote digital ID & verification was accelerated through the first lockdown, and leniencies were made on both sides a brokers and borrowers came to terms with the new way of working. This time round the same leniencies won’t be made and brokers must have seamless access to these tools to ensure business continuity and to provide an effective client service.

Video calling – Face to face meetings were the go-to for mortgage brokers before March since many feel that they are the best way to maintain the ‘personal touch’. However, tech to host video calls has become our new norm. Additionally, screen sharing allows brokers and clients to sit at the same screen no matter how far apart they might be. Some brokers are still using old-fashioned telephone calls for client interaction, but it’s unlikely that face to face meetings will ever be as regular as before. In order to ensure you are still making those connections essential for business, it’s vital you are hosting meetings over video.

Online fact finding – There is no reason that fact finding should be hindered through the second lockdown. Instead, moving the fact find online has been helping brokers thrive long before the first lockdown, and we’ve seen a significant uptake in the tool in recent months. Clients can complete their own fact find wherever they are at a time that suits them. Then the Smartr365 system can digitize this data and share it through the entire journey, saving significant time all round.

Digital ID & V – Verifying a client’s ID remotely became essential through the first lockdown. Regulations loosened in various areas to allow for easier continuation of services through the lockdown, and this has paved the way for significant advancements in areas of ID passporting, document verification, income checks and so much more. At Smartr365 we have partnered exclusively with Digidentity to ensure our ID verification system is as thorough and secure as possible.

If you are interested to learn more about how Smartr365 can help you thrive through the second lockdown for any of the areas above, or more, use this link to schedule a demo with our experienced team to learn more.