Product Updates

December updates to Smartr365

Thora Kehoe
November 29, 2021

We rounded off 2020 with some final updates and improvements to the Smartr365 platform to make sure the platform gives you the best possible experience every time. Find out what changes we made in December and how they can help you here.


There are situations when a protection case will not proceed. This could be due to medical reasons impacting underwriting, a client changing their mind, or various other reasons. Protection advisers can now add an ‘NPW’ or ‘Not Proceeding With’ flag for protection cases within Smartr365, allowing them to:

  • Keep a copy of the advice and product choice on record
  • Copy details to a new product which helps with audit tracking
  • Filter these cases from the Kanban and Cases view to keep on top of cases which are still in progress
  • Once a case is marked as ‘Not Proceeding With’, the fields are locked and cannot be edited.

Notifications for Advisers

  • Smartr365 has added two new Notification messages in-platform to help advisers keep track of their clients’ Fact Find processes:
  • Get notified once a Client has submitted a Fact Find on the client portal
  • Get notified when a Client has completed their ID Digital Verification via Digidentity
  • These are automatically displayed on your Smartr365 adviser portal notification ‘bell’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen and will show up red when there are new notifications.
  • There’s also a quick link to review the information the client submitted in their Fact Find or to the automatically generated Proof of ID from Digidentity

Check it out and let us know your feedback via our online Feedback Forum!

Cases and Kanban search and filtering

  • We have added an improved search function to the Kanban screen.
  • You can now search for your clients using their name or email address.
  • This is available for Mortgage, Protection and Introducers.
  • On the Cases and Kanban screen, we have removed the ‘Apply Filters’ button so that any filters selected are immediately applied, reducing the number of clicks.
  • When moving a case in the Kanban screen, if there are required fields, the validation popup will open directly into the mortgage case with the required fields highlighted in red.
  • On the Kanban screen, we have removed the ‘Show Completed Cases’ option as these are already visible in the Completed column

Twenty7Tec sourcing redirect on Smartr365

We are continually improving our integration with Twenty7Tec and have made the following tweaks this week:  

  • Only mortgage advisers can access the Twenty7Tec sourcing redirect, however other roles can view the search results and pull documentation such as EOR, ESIS and payment schedule back into the Document Store
  • Once a document has been saved to the Document Store, there is a new quick link View Document button which will redirect you to the Document Store
  • Mortgage term will pass to Twent7Tec in years, rather than months, when the term is in whole years i.e. 25 or 30.

Smaller Enhancements

We release code weekly, which allows us to release lots of smaller tweaks quickly:

  • The Dependents section has been moved to Applicant Details
  • We have renamed Commitments to ‘Credit Commitments’, based on customer feedback
  • The Address history section has been updated to account for non-UK addresses
  • We have added two new fields to the Mortgage Case form, ‘Network Case ID’ and ‘Invoice Number
  • Fixed the text on a button on the Add New Lead module
  • Improve copy on an error message for ULS integration
  • Added FCA number to the Settings page for the brokerage as it is required for third party integrations
  • Pensions and investments were having issues with display when joint applicants where shared. This has been fixed.
  • Chrome introduced a change in their browser which caused some unusual scrolling issues on our mortgage form. This has been fixed.
  • Our team of engineers spotted that when the ‘Add New Lead’ module and the ‘Notifications’ inbox were opened at the same time, the header disappeared. We’ve fixed that in this release

But don’t just take our word for it, check out what mortgage business, Windfall, had to say about the Smartr365 platform below:

“We first started with Smartr365 in 2018, and re-engaged with the platform in May 2020 after seeing a huge amount of development. Following the onboarding process, key features that we require have been added to the system, and that allowed us to start making the full switch.”