The Mortgage Industry

Grow and retain talent remotely

Harriet David
March 4, 2021

Managing a workforce entirely remotely was alien to most mortgage brokers before March this year. Luckily, you don’t have to face this new challenge alone. The right tech platform can help you manage team performance, helping to retain and grow your talent force – even from home.

Smartr365’s Kanban visibility enables managers to track the progress of both cases and activity. Additionally, the system allows managers to quickly generate reports showing activity on each case and who is completing the work items. Even with the team working from home, it’s easy to build a picture of the hours they’re spending on different tasks.

Automated systems further guarantee that it’s not just the fast typers being rewarded. Be ensuring brokers don’t have to waste their time on data entry, the best brokers can be rewarded for adding business and customer value with outstanding service and sales.

Centralising your system enables better management of workloads so all team members can get the best out of their day. Visibility of the process and automated reports show where tasks are assigned and help users identify actions which need to be prioritized each day.

If you are interested to see how Smartr365 can help you manage your team, schedule a demo with our experienced team to learn more here.