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How Smartr365 helps brokers manage client relationships after completion

Thora Kehoe
November 29, 2021

The purchase market has boomed since June, sparked by the release of pent-up demand as the UK came out of the first national lockdown, and maintained by the chancellor’s announcement of a stamp duty holiday.

While the holiday is set to end on March 31st, and most commentators expect purchase activity levels to slow down after this date, we know 2021 will be an active year for the remortgage market. This presents an enormous opportunity for advisers. With more than 700,000 fixed rate residential products expiring this year, it’s essential your business is using market-leading client relationship technology to maintain regular contact, develop a great lasting relationship and ensure no customer or lead is lost.

Here are just some of the ways Smartr365 can help you do this!

Data, data, data

From the moment you first speak to a client you begin collecting invaluable information about their finances, family, lifestyle, dreams and aspirations.

This information builds a strong relationship which ultimately assists you in delivering the right mortgage. Having a personalised approach ensures your clients feel valued and supported as you deliver a service that meets their individual needs.

Smartr365 securely stores all this invaluable customer information and interactions, aiding your team to deliver that personalised service throughout the entire mortgage application. Additionally, after completion when the time comes to reconnect, that data is easily retrievable so you can pick the relationship up from where you left off.

Automated client emails

Another way Smartr365 helps you maintain excellent client relationships is by sending automated updates on a borrower’s equity position and the available remortgaging options throughout their fixed term.

This ensures that relationships built through the purchase process remain nurtured even after completion. When the time comes to discuss remortgaging, Smartr365 automatically generates an appointment, seamlessly putting you back in the picture.

Remote meetings

Great client relationships are essential for retention and winning remortgage business. As well as Smartr365 helps you to maintain relationships throughout the application process and at key contact points in the fixed term by integrating free video conferencing tools to enable remote meetings. Many of these tools can record calls and retrieve recordings making them a valuable asset when it comes to compliance reporting.

Customer portal – Kanban-style system

The Smartr365 portal uses ‘Kanban’-style systems which map, track and visualise the customer journey, breaking it down into a series of stages. Through the portal, you and your clients can track live case progress during the application, as well as real time property value and equity position. This provides vital information for both you and your client from start to finish, maintaining visibility for borrowers on their mortgage status and providing frequent engagement points for brokers throughout the fixed term.

Hometrack feature

Through Smartr365’s integration with Hometrack, the valuation tool which delivers more than 50 million automated valuations to banks, developers, and government bodies each year, borrowers can instantly see how much their property is likely to be worth at any moment. They can also see a visual representation of how that value has changed over time, along with their outstanding balance and equity position. Using this tool, brokers can provide clients with live access to their property value, equity position and remortgage options. This gives you frequent opportunities for engagement, ensuring you are at the forefront of a client’s mind when the time to remortgage comes around.

Interested to learn more? Schedule a demo with one of our advisers here to see how Smartr365 can help your business access the maturities market in 2021.