The Mortgage Industry

How tech can get you (and your clients) over the line before the Chancellor calls time on the Stamp Duty Holiday

Rhianna Smith
March 4, 2021

The stamp duty holiday has caused a surge of purchase cases since it was introduced in early July. With more buyers fearing they won’t complete before the deadline, pressure for an extension is being ramped up but whether this will happen is still not confirmed.

Speed and efficiency for each application has never been more important than at present as we push to get purchase applications through before March 31st. Clients are looking to cash in on the tax break and as brokers, it is our role to make this happen.

The right tech platform ensures that your job as a broker is as efficient as possible, as well as helping coordinate other stakeholders in the process. We’ve outlined the top three ways the Smartr365 platform can help your business make the deadline below. If you’re keen to know more, get in touch with our team for a full demo on how the Smartr365 system can save you time.

  1. Reduce mortgage applications by 8 hours – by digitizing data and automatically repopulating documents, Smartr365 can cut 90% of administrative tasks and reduce the mortgage journey by up to 8 hours compared to brokers using manual processes, giving you extra time to progress more applications and win new clients.
  2. Online fact finds – Simple adjustments, such as moving the fact find online, can make a world of change. Online fact finds eliminate time spent travelling to meet the client, postal delays, and the constrictions of a 5-day working week. Clients can fill in the online fact find anytime on any day. This means the completed document is on your (virtual) desk and ready to go at 9am, meaning you can spend your day progressing applications and pushing more cases through.
  3. Full transparency of the application for all users – all parties within the mortgage application can see where the borrower is in their mortgage journey using Smartr365’s Kanban style system. This reduces time spent by the broker in chasing relevant parties and saves time updating the client throughout the journey since they can check for themselves.

But don’t just take our word for it! Apricot Mortgages & Loans Ltd recently said about the Smartr365 platform:

“We recently had a client who needed to arrange a purchase mortgage application within 48 hours and got in touch on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to Smartr365, we had a fully completed fact find and all supporting documents with us on Monday morning. I was able to make the application promptly and had all the supporting documents with the lender that day too.”