Making mortgages simple for customers

It’s no secret that integrating technology into the borrowing process has revolutionised the customer experience. Despite the homebuying process being notoriously stilted and reliant on paper-based processes, Smartr365’s tools are helping to build a better, more efficient level of service. With digital tools and integrations, homebuyers benefit from a more streamlined service, boosting customer satisfaction and, therefore, retention levels. With a potential recession on the horizon, more than ever, clients will be looking to minimise stress, hassle and delays on their road to homeownership.

Smartr365’s Client Portal was designed with the goal of increasing conversion and retention rates. Available on both iOS and Android App, the portal forms part of our commitment to delivering accessible, convenient, and customisable client-facing tools to deliver a tailored user journey. For clients seeking of a more personalised, face-to-face experience, the portal also features built-in video calling, meaning brokers can tailor their level of engagement to their clients’ preferences.

The portal also features FactFind, which only shows clients relevant questions, and transfers all inputted information from prior purchases. We’re aware of how time-consuming buying a house can be, and we’re dedicated to minimising unnecessary administration for your clients, ensuring that the mortgage experience is nothing but a positive one. Join over 4,000 brokers who’ve already made the switch – book your demo with Smartr365 today.