Nationwide Building Society launches new integration with Smartr365

The current economic climate poses challenges for all consumers in the mortgage process. However, it is important to not let economic uncertainty tarnish the relationship between customers and mortgage lenders.    

Nationwide Building Society has recently announced an API integration with Smartr365, to ensure a seamless mortgage journey for consumers.  

Smartr365’s cutting edge technology, brings key benefits to the process. Firstly, the integrations permit Smartr365 users to submit DIP applications to Nationwide without requiring to re key data.  

For initial use of remortgages, the platform will also offer automated application processes, reducing the time spent for brokers entering data. The automation will further offer identification and verification capabilities, saving intermediaries up to one hour per application. Simultaneously, the use of digital automation by Nationwide will ultimately leave brokers with more time to pursue the advisory and application stages of the process.  

The new integration sees the Smartr365 platform now connecting with almost 50% of UK mortgage lenders.  

We asked CEO and Founder of Smartr365 Conor Murphy for his thoughts:  

“The integration of Smartr365 technology within the Nationwide API solution is another step in driving a more seamless, efficient, and accurate mortgage journey. Not only will the DIP API system provide a significant time-saving benefit for brokers, but also the risk of human error, creating a better level of service for clients. 

“By partnering with Nationwide, Smartr365 has brought its total product coverage to half of all UK lenders - a significant milestone for the company - but more importantly, evidence the industry is committed to implementing necessary digital transformation.” 

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