One step closer to digital nomadism?

It was reported by the BBC in July that ‘more than 25 countries have now launched visa programmes for digital nomads, enabling these travellers to work legally, longer and more freely.’

As of June 2022, more than 25 countries had launched remote work or digital nomad visas which allow foreign nationals to work independently or for an employer outside the country, allowing them to enter, stay, and work remotely for an approved period of time.  

Obviously, not all jobs are equally suited to remote working, and some roles and sectors may face more pressure to move back to the office as we leave the pandemic behind us.Others, however, such as the software engineer quoted in the piece, will find such adjustments easier to cater to.  

With the help of platforms such as Smartr365, client onboarding, document verification and a variety of other admin-based tasks can be performed remotely, meaning that for the most part brokers are now able to perform much of their day-to-day role virtually.  

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to decide the extent to which they adopt the lifestyle of the digital nomad, but platforms such as Smartr365 enable brokers to cater to clients, no matter what their decision. As digital nomadism looks to have taken a hold, those brokers taking a tech-first approach could be at a quite a considerable advantage.

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