Smartr365 launches new features within industry-first HomeBuyer app

November 29, 2021

Smartr365, the end-to-end mortgage and protection platform, has today announced the launch of new features within its industry-first HomeBuyer app, further enhancing the mortgage market’s leading digital mortgage journey.

Native to both iOS and Android and fully connected with the Smartr365 platform, the HomeBuyer app gives both brokers and borrowers more control in the mortgage process, and creates more time for valuable advice. With the newest updates to the app, borrowers and brokers have access to the following features:  

  • ID verification: Borrowers will now have a new additional option to verify their identity through the embedded Digidentity ID software. This streamlines the service, removing the need for physical documents and the hassle of photocopying and scanning, and provides brokers with leads which have already completed self-verification  
  • Status updates: Home buying often seems complicated and overwhelming for borrowers. With direct, real time status updates sent to the user’s phone, complexity and paper chasing from both borrowers and brokers is reduced to provide a better customer experience. The app will include a status tracker with all the steps of getting the mortgage defined, as well as an indication of where the user is in the journey  
  • Home valuation: When a borrower completes their mortgage and moves into their new home, or signs off on their re-mortgage deal, they can now keep tabs on home valuations across their whole property portfolio. With Hometrack, the app arms them with valuable information on their equity position in their home, which is critical in a booming market and acts as an important touch point to help brokers retain more clients

These new features come in addition to the existing capabilities of the app, which already allows borrowers to scan a broker-generated QR code or tap a Near-Field Communication (NFC) chip in an estate agent window, on a property search site or in an email, and automatically and remotely enter their details, share them with a mortgage broker and connect instantly to begin the application process. Not only does this benefit borrowers, but it improves lead acquisition for brokers too.  

Conor Murphy, CEO at Smartr365, said:

“Keeping pace with consumer demand is paramount in our service-first industry, and these new features only go further to improve our users’ experience. At Smartr365, our ambition is to make each step of the mortgage journey better, and this frictionless end-to-end journey gives consumers more choice and control than ever before, while allowing brokers to acquire verified leads via the app. Offering benefits for both borrowers and brokers, we’re confident that this type of technology is the future of the mortgage process.”

Kelly Wicks, Technical Director at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward, said:

“The front-end functionality, look and feel of HomeBuyer is really impressive and provides an exceptional customer and broker experience. It has already given us the impetus to review and update many of our processes, streamlining and simplifying for a better customer and broker journey at every stage of what can be a complex process, and the new features enhance this even more.”

Alan Blackwell, Financial Advisor at New Mortgages, added:

Feedback from clients using the HomeBuyer app is positive and estate agents are enthusiastic about using the QR codes to market mortgages in their shop windows and on stationary. We could be seeing the early stages of a significant change in how lead generation works in the mortgage process, and the new features released by Smartr365 are another step towards that.”