Smartr365 tool streamlines procuration fee payments for Legal & General Mortgage Club members

Have you heard? We recently launched our industry-first technology to automatically sync procuration fee claim information between Smartr365 and Legal & General Mortgage Club’s Club Hub! The new tool supports rapid payment, while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the data shared, reducing payment discrepancies. So, how does it all work?


Procuration fee payment upon exchange

The service will reduce the time needed to claim procuration fees by automatically prompting Legal & General Mortgage Club members to claim their fees at the right time in the journey.This allows Legal & General Mortgage Club to pay without waiting for confirmation from the lenders in question, providing a more efficient payment process. The new technology amplifies the benefits of Legal & General Mortgage Club’s unique selling point of procuration fee payment upon exchange,by automating the claiming process and reducing the need for manual input!

Valuable time savings

The feature will serve three core purposes; to reduce the time spent by intermediaries on rekeying and other admin; allow more brokers to take advantage of Legal & General Mortgage Club’s early payment benefit; and reduce payment discrepancies.  The development comes as part of our overarching mission to streamline the mortgage journey for all parties.

Conor Murphy, CEO and Founder,Smartr365 commented, “We are thrilled to announce another industry-first development with the launch of automated procuration fee payments for Legal & General Mortgage Club members.”

He added “I founded Smartr365 in2016 to disrupt legacy attitudes and practices, and today’s milestone is another example of our continued commitment to this. Tech tools help to alleviate brokers of time-sapping admin, borrowers of stress-inducing delays,and lenders of disappointing blockages in their business pipelines, so we look forward to building other features to aid all parties.”

Clare Beardmore, Director, Legal & General Mortgage Club noted “Reconciliation is an important but often time-intensive task, so I’m pleased that today’s development should help reduce the time taken by brokers to manage their hard-earned fees. We know how busy our valued members are and remain committed to introducing other time-saving features that give them more time to do what they do best; supporting customers.”


Read more about the partnership in Mortgage Strategy here, and book your free Smartr365 demo here to see it in action!