The Mortgage Industry

Stay motivated while working from home

Rhianna Smith
March 4, 2021

The research on homeworking is mixed; some studies point to a boost in productivity while others say it declines. One explanation is that productivity is based on the tasks we are faced with. As we prepare for the second wave of COVID and the associated long-term home working, it’s key that we’re finding ways to ensure our workforce are presented with tasks where homeworkers flourish.

Of course, Smartr365 can’t promise every task will be the creative, rewarding activities homeworkers crave, however, what we can promise is that any repetitive task that can be automated, will be automated.

The old school, multi-stage mortgage process is labour intensive, repetitive and dull. Brokers manually drive and track the process, from the initial discussion and fact-find, all the way to completion. Through the process, client and product data is frequently re-keyed along the way, including internal notes and third-party updates. Smartr365 data shows that this manual rekeying can take up to seven hours of a broker’s time on every case. This kind of administrative activity could sap the motivation of even the most self-disciplined broker.

That’s where our platform comes in. Manual administrative work can be radically reduced using a single, comprehensive solution to manage and drive the workflow forward. By enabling clients to enter their data online, tech automatically populates internal systems and integrates with lenders’ and other external solutions. This eliminates the need to rekey and duplicate information, leaving brokers free to focus on more interesting and productive tasks.

If you want to cut over 90% of your admin time, schedule a demo with our experienced team to learn more here.