The Mortgage Industry

Staying Safe

Rhianna Smith
March 4, 2021

Examples of phishing and cybercrime rose dramatically during the first lockdown, and what is not to suggest that we will see a similar rise this time round. It is essential that you and your business are protected and prepared against any instances this time round.

When capturing client information for identity verification, affordability tests and other parts of the application process, mortgage brokers deal with vast amounts of sensitive customer data. As such, they are an attractive target for hackers.

Brokers need to work with technology partners who can provide the highest level of security. Specifically, they should look for accreditation against standards such as ISO27001, which provide reassurance around how data is introduced to the system, how it’s managed and how is it transferred to other parties.

Cloud based solutions, such as Smartr365, provide a straightforward approach to security by:

  • Drawing on outsourced expertise and eliminating any concerns by providing secure, remote hosting of all data
  • Eliminating the need for patch management and updates to keep the solution current and safe
  • Being accessible from anywhere, but offering centralized control of users and permissions
  • Ability to easily scale the platform up as the business grows

If you are interested to know more about how Smatr365 can protect your business against fraud through the lockdown and beyond, click here to speak with our experienced team to schedule a demo and learn more.