Strong CRM systems are key to securing good re-mortgage business


With reports suggesting that up to 700,000 fixed-rate mortgages are set to mature in 2021 alone, many advisors will be considering the best way to tap into this demand. Smartr365 is much more than a mortgage CRM, so read on to find out how our complete end-to-end mortgage and protection platform makes communication between advisors and home buyers more seamless than ever.

In spring 2016 the UK Government raised the stamp duty rate for homeowners looking to purchase a buy to let property, leading to a flurry of purchases before the legislation was introduced. However, many of these borrowers will now be approaching the end of a five-year mortgage, creating a spike in demand for advice around re-mortgaging. This presents a unique opportunity for advisors, but you need to be ready to take advantage.

Smartr365 users benefit from auto contact and case creation, which cuts down on admin and reduces the risk of confusion between a growing number of clients. You can also seamlessly track client portfolios and analyse in-depth analytics to easily monitor progress and identify areas of potential improvement.

Features like automated DIPs, our online FactFind and digital ID verification are also bring convenience and speed to the mortgage journey, making them more likely to re-mortgage with the same broker. This is just one reason why brokers that use the Smartr365 platform are 2.5 times more likely to retain business when compared with rival brokers, enjoying 85% retention against an industry average of just 30%.

We know how important it is to maintain good communication with clients in order to retain business and build credibility in what is an extremely competitive industry, so let us know what you want to see introduced and it may well feature in our next round of updates.