The future is flexible: How Smartr365 tech helps facilitate a move to remote work


Nationwide and Santander UK both announced significant shifts to flexible work earlier this month which will see over 18,000 staff make the transition away from in-person communication and paper-based documents. Read on to find out how Smartr365 technology can help facilitate a seamless transition to remote work.

Over a year since the first UK national lockdown, the mortgage process looks to remain remote for the foreseeable future. Indeed, many firms, including Nationwide and Santander UK, are introducing flexible work options on a permanent basis.

Our SmartrTalk feature allows users to initiate, join, and schedule video and audio calls without leaving the system, helping to keep brokers connected wherever they work. Our partnerships with Digidentity and Microsoft also ensure that all digital communication is protected by bank-grade security, meaning that brokers can operate confidently from offices or home set-ups as desired.

The mortgage process has changed significantly in the last 12 months and Smartr365 has evolved with it. Smartr365 is built by brokers, for brokers, so we know the importance of finding seamless solutions to everyday issues. We prioritise user experience in all our platform developments and we’re proud to have introduced a slick and easy way for brokers to communicate both internally and externally.

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