With specialist advice set to grow in 2021 and beyond, the right sourcing tools are essential


Over a year on since the onset of the pandemic, the global health crisis continues to damage the global economy and personal finances. It is essential that brokers are equipped with intelligent sourcing tools to help them support vulnerable customers with increasingly complex financial circumstances with specialist products that suit their needs.

Debt management company Lowell has found that 7 in 10 people in the UK have 'hidden debt' that they do not discuss, mainly due to feelings of embarrassment. With the pandemic continuing to negatively impact personal finances through job losses, premature retirements and various other factors, this figure is unfortunately likely to increase. Mortgage brokers and financial advisers now have a clear opportunity to help this growing number of struggling borrowers by providing specialist advice and products that suit individual circumstances.

With new products like ‘furlough-friendly’ mortgages entering the market, brokers must have powerful sourcing tools to ensure their clients are aware of all the options available. Smartr365 works with Mortgage Brain and Twenty7Tec to provide access to a wide range of sourcing options. Working exclusively with providers who are cloud-based ensures that brokers can progress applications from anywhere in the world. Smartr365’s integrated sourcing, criteria and affordability tools also cut down on admin, leaving brokers with more time to provide expert counsel and support clients with complex needs.

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