Adding a new client

The section will show how to add a client onto the system.


How to add terms of business & acknowledgements on the Smartr365 platform.


This section provides an insight into managing all clients that you have added onto the system. The tutorial will show an example of a client that has been added onto the system, how the fact find can be added, as well as additional applications and notes.


This section will highlight how company-specific branding can be added and changed at any time, suited to your corporate branding from both the adviser and client perspective.

Client FactFind

This video is useful for advisers to understand the value of a clients portfolio using Smartr365, showing what they are able to see and how information can be successfully uploaded to the FactFind.

How to add an Introducer & Negotiator

Please do not hesitate to email our customer support email: where our team will be delighted to help.

How to use Docustore

In this video, we show you how to access and navigate the Document Store. Here, you are able to upload and sort any relevant documents for an application, as well as tracking the acceptance of any acknowledgements. Watch to see how easily you can rely on Samrtr365 for all document storage.

The Administrator Section

If you have an administrator in your business, you are able to add them to Smartr365 and allow them to review your cases. In this video, you will learn how to both add administrators, and how to assign them to an adviser.

How to use Twenty7Tec

How to use Twenty7Tech on the Smartr365 platform.

Initial Sign Up

How to Login into your Smartr365 account.

The FactFind

This video will show how a client can access their own FactFind and upload information in real-time over to the adviser side. It will also show how the adviser is able to gain access to a clients FactFind when opening up a client case.

Solution Builder

How to use Solution Builder on the Smartr365 platform.

Suitability Reports


Suitability Report Template


MortgageBrain Anywhere


How to utilise your Smartr365 MortgageKanban.

How to Generate Reports

This video will be significant in company tracking and monitoring and shows how separate reports can be generated. An example of generating a ‘lead flow’ report will be shown in the demonstration.