Mark McKenna

Commercial Director

Mark joined Smartr365 with over 20 years of corporate business development offering enterprise solutions. Mark is originally a ‘pioneer’ of innovative software solutions such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). He is an industry expert, with significant experience in offering and integrating complex, high-end solutions, in both local and international Markets. His main objective has always been to simply maximise clients’ revenue, through effective internet technologies; and so helping them achieve their strategic sales, marketing and revenue goals. Mark will be driving new business growth and sales of the Smartr365 platform to intermediaries across the UK.   +44 (0)20 31110896   in Mark Mckenna

The Smartr365 Team

Conor Murphy

Chief Executive Officer


Robin Parker

Chief Operating Officer


Mark McKenna

Commercial Director


Rees Watkins

Chief Technology Officer


Callum Whittaker

Sales Manager


Wes Ronayne

Customer Success Manager


Anish Mehta

Sales Executive


David Marks

Support Executive


Ciaran O’Malley

Sales Executive


Carl Neale

Sales Executive


Melissa Obika

Operations Manager


Cameron Parsons

Product Manager


Our agile and responsive team are based in London and have a vast experience in building scaled platform solutions for the financial services sector.

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and work closely with them at all times to ensure that Smartr365 is the mortgage platform of the future.