Anish Mehta

Sales Executive

Anish graduated from Southampton University with a degree in Business Management. He has a passion for start up companies and revolutionising the way that day-day businesses operate to enhance efficiencies. Anish works close on the sales and on-boarding side of the Smartr365 platform to ensure all customers are maximising the limitless benefits of the platform.

E   +44 (0)20 00 000 957   in Anish Mehta


The Smartr365 Team

Conor Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Parker

Chief Operating Officer

Rees Watkins

Chief Technology Officer

Grant Elliott

Finance Director


Steve Nobes

Head of Network & Club Relationships


Melissa Obika

Operations Manager

Wes Ronayne

Customer Success Manager

David Marks

Client Engagement Manager


Anish Mehta

Sales Executive

Ciaran O’Malley

Sales Executive

Carl Neale

Sales Executive

Josh Rawson

Sales Executive

Cameron Parsons

Product Manager

Our agile and responsive team are based in London and have a vast experience in building scaled platform solutions for the financial services sector.

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and work closely with them at all times to ensure that Smartr365 is the mortgage platform of the future.