Smartr365 for introducers

Passing leads shouldn't be hard! With Smartr365's Introducer Portal, the third parties you work with can pass you leads without any data entry. Once the leads are with you, all of your status changes and updates will automatically be updated in their system. Expand your introducer network beyond just estate agents by providing partners with a truly frictionless lead experience.

Grow referrals
With Smartr’s Introducer portal and Home Buyer app, it’s easy to grow your Introducer network, and make it simple for them to add leads on the go.
Track Conversions
Introducers can track case progression and referral commission directly, spend less time chasing for updates.

ID Verification
Home buyers verify their identity electronically, which can be shared with Introducers.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

We don’t believe in hidden fees, surprise charges or holding client's hostage! Our prices vary depending on your network affiliation and requirements but around £100 including your sourcing is what you can expect.

How do I migrate my data from an old system?

Data migration with Smartr365 is really simple. From the backend of your platform simply head to 'data import'. Here you can download a CSV sheet to fill with your old information and then upload. Our validation tools will even let you know if there's any errors before you upload!

Do you integrate with any of the lenders?

We currently have industry leading integrations with Barclays and Halifax. We’ve also got a bunch more coming soon!

What sourcing options are available?

We work with Mortgage Brain and Twenty7tec to provide a range of sourcing options. We only work with providers who are cloud based, like Smartr365, to ensure you can get your work done anywhere in the world.

How does Smartr365 support re-mortgaging?

Smartr365 looks at the data fields from your completed mortgages and sets up a series of campaigns to keep clients aware of re-mortgaging opportunities in advance. We also use reports from companies like ‘Hometrack’ to inform your clients and keep retention rates high.

How easy is it to get started with Smartr365?

Smartr365 is designed as a ‘plug and play’ system. We partner with all the technology you’re used to using and blend it together in our platform to make your day-to-day easier than ever. We find most users require only 1 or 2 short training sessions to become experts

How does reporting work?

Our reporting systems use Microsoft PowerBI to make creating beautiful dashboards and reports easier than ever.

Can I connect with my current lead tools?

Using our direct connection to MailChimp & Zapier, users can connect an endless selection of lead sources to their Smartr365 account. You can also use our App to collect leads using QR codes and NFC/RFID chips.

Do you have a Client Portal?

Smartr365 prides itself on offering your clients the best experience on the market. Not only do we have a client portal designed to increase conversion & retention rates, we also have a reactive FactFind and, in an industry first, an iOS and Android app!

Can I have a trial of the system?

Smartr365 offers such a broad range of benefits and needs to be custom setup for your requirements. Because of this, we find people need a bit of help at first to get going. Because of this, we don’t offer trials, but we can give you a few hours on a guided demo to make sure it’s the system for you!

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