An easy, digital journey for your buyers

Homebuyer from Smartr365, is the white labelled brand name for all Smart's client facing tools. Save time and effort, for you and your clients.

The Homebuyer App / Portal is a revolutionary new way to connect and stay connected with clients. Digital ID&V, house valuations, credit reports, bank statements and journey tracking are all included.

Easy verification of information in-app.

Verify customer identification

Ensure security by verifying IDs, protecting against fraud and unauthorised access.

Share bank account info

Users can easily initiate Open Banking within the app, securely connecting their financial accounts for streamlined data access.

Provide a credit report

Take advantage of Open Banking and access credit reports easily.

Attract an audience, build trust and capture vital information using the Marketing Hub

Grow your business with marketing asset creation software, QR codes and smart links.
Gather vital customer details, ensure a seamless Fact Find process and establish clear engagement guidelines.
Enhance lead quality through smart data capture. See Homebuyer App & Portal.
“I use Smartr because it’s a user-friendly tool to help advisers process cases in a more efficient way.”
— Frederico Maciel, Insurance Specialist, Independent Mortgage Advice Bureau (IMAB)
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