Automated instant mortgage submission


Source, submit & process, all at the touch of a button. Save time, improve accuracy and focus on advice.

Our platform empowers you to process more applications efficiently,  giving you a competitive edge in the mortgage market.

Capture FactFind data once: that can be shared with lenders and avoid re-keying in different portals.
Seamless DIPs and FMAs: Send applications directly to lenders, saving up to 20 minutes per application. Save up to 1 hour with our fully integrated SmartrConnect.
Trusted by the majority of UK Lenders
“It saves me so much time, especially if I’ve got 6–8 appointments on the same day. Also, if the application is declined by one lender, I can switch to another rather quickly, without duplicating the effort of typing all the information.”
— Craig Paterson, Mortgage & Protection Advisor, Pacitti Jones
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