Analyse & elevate


Measure the things that matter. Analyse the crucial aspects of compliance to drive improvement – with all relevant data at your fingertips.

Designed with Compliance Officers in mind.

Allow clients read-only access to view their FactFind, Mortgage, Protection and Home Insurance cases and documents.
Streamline case review by easily filtering cases by client and type, focusing on searches based on case, client, firm and adviser.
Capture snapshots of case information for compliance reporting.
Compliance Process and Reporting: Upload relevant case checking files against the record keeping everything securely in one place.
“The Smartr365 system is a breath of fresh air for my business which now helps me keep on top of all aspects of the job. Its also has a professional interaction with clients, in my opinion of course, highly recommended and finally a great back up team with Nayani Vijayaratnam are always there to help and makes any issue that much easier”
— Phil Duncan, Director, Duncan Mortgages
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